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We created Gospelcm because we care about your experience with Cameroonian gospel music. Our plan was to create a product that will serve as a go-to online music library and artist catalog with up-to-date content for people to enjoy for basically no cost, and here it is!


Our mission is to build a system of platforms, networks, and affiliates, to make Cameroonian gospel music easily accessible, recommended, and monetized, thereby making it relevant.


We expect that by 2025 every active Cameroonian gospel artist should be entitled to monthly royalties of 500.000 FCFA or more, with many lives improved through our different outreaches sponsored by the proceeds from this initiative; and we want you to be part of this!


At Gospel CM, we strive for excellence and some of our core values include:

Reliability and Consistency

We are dependable and reliable; we believe in building and managing strong relationships. We equally understand that trust is built through consistency.


We are dedicated to our Pillars and getting the job done. Our team is committed to the success of this initiative, our mission, & vision statement, and to each other.


We are authentic, open, and honest and we constantly strive to clearly communicate with our Pillars, Artists, and also with the team.

Creativity and Innovation

We like to constantly challenge the conventional way of doing things by finding fun and more effective ways of doing them.

Gospelcm For Artists

Gospelcm is a premium platform, which means only our editors can upload music on behalf of the artists.